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old holler farm rural hall, nc

Old Holler Farm is a private family farm located in Rural Hall, North Carolina. Nestled on 130 acres of beautiful Carolina countryside, alive with wild overgrown roses, mature oak trees, and rolling pastures complete with cows, horses, chickens and goats; Old Holler Farm is a working cattle farm specializing in 100% grass fed beef and free range eggs.

The farm was established in 1790, and is currently owned and managed by the Strickland family.

"We strive to be good stewards of the land with hopes of continuing the family business for generations to come."

old holler farm is a working cattle farm in rural hall, nc


Raising cattle is a big part of our farm. On any given day, you will likely see anywhere between 45-65 head of cattle roaming the pastures. Our herd is predominately black Angus, although we have 3-4 black Baldies (cross between Angus and Hereford; typically black with white faces), 2-4 red Angus, and one Hereford as well. The only one with a name is our Hereford cow, who we like to call 'Momma Hereford'. She is a favorite here on the farm. 'Momma Hereford' is full of personality and is an excellent mother who has had 3 beautiful calves here on the farm. We call her our 'herd leader'. The rest of the cows simply have numbers. We like to keep 2 bulls on the farm; one for each herd. 

We sell a handful of cattle at sales throughout the year; however, our primary focus is on selling beef. We pride ourselves on raising our beef as natural as possible. We NEVER use steroids or hormones with our cattle. Visit our GRASS-FED BEEF page to browse our selection of 100% grass fed beef available for sale. Our selection varies based on processing, so please check back often to see what we have available!

laying hens

In addition to offering 100% grass fed beef, we also specialize in free range eggs. On our farm, we currently have about 900 Red Sex Link laying hens. Red Sex Link hens are a hybrid breed that is a cross between the Rhode Island Red Rooster and a White Leghorn hen. They lay brown eggs that are classified as large and extra-large. We consider our eggs to be 'pasture raised', since our hens have free range to specific pastures that are fenced to protect them from predators like coyotes, weasels, raccoons, fox, etc. Each pasture is about 2 acres. 

We take pride in how we raise and care for our hens because happy hens lay delicious, farm fresh eggs! We feed and provide fresh, clean water to our hens everyday. We treat our chicken houses for mites regularly; and every 90 days or so, we clean out the nesting boxes and replace soiled nests with new shavings. We clean out the manure regularly and use it for fertilizer on our fields, and also barter it with neighboring farms for crops. 

We sell our eggs to wholesale buyers and retail at local farmer's markets. Contact us with any questions or to inquire about buying our farm fresh, free range eggs.


On our farm, we currently have 5 Boer goats and 2 Pygmy goats. Our Boer goats are raised primarily for reproduction purposes and they help us maintain our farm by cleaning fence lines and helping to control weeds. Our goats share a pasture of about 3 acres most of the time, although we let them in fields of 30+ acres from time to time to help control the weeds. 

'Annie' and 'Ollie' are our 2 Pygmy goats. Annie is a female and Ollie is a weathered male. Their mother passed away during birth, so these twin orphans lived in our house for about 8 weeks or so while being bottle fed by Jess (my wife). 

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In addition to being a working cattle farm, the Historic Venue at Old Holler Farm is the area's newest events and wedding venue -  check out the EVENTS & WEDDINGS page for more information about the property and how you can host your next family reunion, birthday party, or wedding with us!