Spring Saturdays are for working

Weekends on the farm are just like any regular day....the work is never done.

Spring in North Carolina is a crazy time of year when Mother Nature can never make up her mind. One day it's sunny and 75 degrees and the next day, it's snowing. Today, the weather is beautiful, sunny and warm...which means, we finally get to work on cutting the paddocks and fixing the loading chutes to make them safer.

Winter is harsh on the farm and Spring is the perfect time to clean up the farm and get the pastures ready. The mud that has accumulated over the winter months is sometimes 12-18 inches deep with manure, etc. We cut that out and compost it to use in our gardens and even trade it with our farm neighbors for fresh produce and if we're lucky, some farm fresh watermelons!! 

Here are a few pictures that I took today while working down at one of our cow pastures. 'Momma Hereford' is a favorite here in the farm and she likes to follow me around while I'm working. She's such a gentle spirit and her curiosity makes me wonder what she's thinking...if only cows could talk, right?! 

Okay, back to work I go. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is able to get out and enjoy this beautiful NC weather this weekend!