Summer Hay Days On The Farm

hay farming at old holler farm in rural hall, nc


It's summertime in North Carolina, and that means it is hay season! Lately, I feel like I live on my tractor...mowing field after field...under the hot summer sun. Thank goodness for ice cold sweet tea and LOTS of water!



Here on Old Holler Farm, we specialize in raising grass-fed cattle; in addition to taking care of the cows themselves, we also tend to acres and acres of grass. We strive to be a self-sufficient farm by growing the hay that feeds our cattle, horses, chickens and goats. Since our hay is used to feed the livestock on our farm, it's important to ensure consistent quality of the hay...and that means fertilizer. Thanks to our cows, we have PLENTY of fertilizer. 

fertilizer at Old Holler Farm cattle farm in Rural Hall, NC
hay bales for grass fed beef at old holler farm in rural hall, nc

In addition to fertilizer, timing is also important when it comes to hay farming. The combination of good weather and weed-free grass tend to yield good quality hay. We have to watch the weather and make sure we have a stretch of good weather, and cut at the appropriate time before the seeds of grass hay mature and before legume plants bloom. Since I became a farmer, I've learned that taking care of the grass is just as important as taking care of the livestock...everything on our farm has a purpose! 


hay barn for grass fed cattle at old holler farm in rural hall, nc

After the hay is cut and baled, we store the hay in our hay barn...where it can stay dry and where the cows can't get to it...(insert eye roll).

hay farming at old holler farm in rural hall, nc

Thanks for stopping by to read our blog. We enjoy sharing our farm experience with you!

In the meantime, if you need can find me in the field...

Justin Strickland